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Thank you, Eve. Just for the record, while her look was indeed piercing, her eyes were neither blue nor (as I once got in big trouble for saying) brown. They were mostly green.


Eve has captured the essential Paula, but
it's also good to have the green eyes verified.
Thanks, both of you.


we really miss our Paula every day. Would love to be able to pick up the phone and talk to her. Loved her an awful lot.

Paula's mom

billy shanks

Missing my sissy all the more. Thanks for the sentiment Eve. And thanks John & Kati for hosting Gramma Kay's Birthday party. It was good to see you all last weekend. cheers


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    This site is a tribute to the late Paula Ann Shanks. It is maintained by Paula’s husband, John Hilton, and their daughter, Kati Shanks, but we hope all of Paula’s friends, family, and unindicted co-conspirators will add their own stories about her. Just email jdhilton@gmail.com or kshanks@gmail.com and we will post your comments online (unless your prefer to keep them private).