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Eve Silberman

I will be there, and hope to see others of Paula's wonderful relatives and friends (is that grammatical?)

Paula would be amused to know I have bonded with Otto and take him for walks. I have never walked a dog before! She knew I didn't like animals, though I did find Velvet the Rabbit a bit endearing. But not her pet rats! Eve


I'm sorry I can't join you. Paula's been on my mind a lot lately. I'm sorry you lost her--I'm sorry we all lost her.


me, too--she was really something.

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    This site is a tribute to the late Paula Ann Shanks. It is maintained by Paula’s husband, John Hilton, and their daughter, Kati Shanks, but we hope all of Paula’s friends, family, and unindicted co-conspirators will add their own stories about her. Just email jdhilton@gmail.com or kshanks@gmail.com and we will post your comments online (unless your prefer to keep them private).