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Great photos. And I'm stealing that line about wu gwok.


Ann found the photos for me to enjoy in the interlude between arriving from
Marquette and leaving for Stockholm.
Guess I'll have to badger Kate for a description of the cake.You and Otto enjoy yourselves!
Love you.

Billy Shanks

I keep missing this feast and it makes me sore! Lovely photos and we'll keep working on Mumzy Shanks to get more adventurous with the "gorpy" selections as Paula used to call them.

Happy Feast to all!!


Mumzy did raise an eyebrow a time or two--and that was without Scott and Mon egging each other on to order the chicken feet. Of course, I raised a couple of eyebrows at times myself (never having mastered the Whites' one-brow trick).


the quilt looks wonderful!


it'll look a lot better if I actually get around to sewing it . . .

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