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Hello all. I found my blog listed under "Paula's links," and now that I've read a little about her, I am extremely honored that she (I gather) was a reader of mine. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman. My heart goes out to you. -- Daniel

John Hilton

Daniel--Paula was indeed an appreciative reader--thanks for the pleasure you gave her, as well as for your kind thoughts.


I had a very vivid dream last week. I was somewhere with many of the Yaggies and Paula was there, looking very young, but with Kati's hair color. She was telling us stories about herself and we all knew she was gone from this earth as did she. She was very happy and was laughing and making everyone feel better. I found it really profound even though I wasn't as close to Paula as my daughter, Goose, was. I awoke really feeling like we had been with her. I had similar dreams when my grandfather died when I was young and when a best friend died when I was in my 20's.


always glad to hear of a Paula sighting, and dreams are the place, these days. Last night I felt like I was encoaching leaving my bedside reading on her side of the bed. I set them on the floor, gave her a pat, and felt better.

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    This site is a tribute to the late Paula Ann Shanks. It is maintained by Paula’s husband, John Hilton, and their daughter, Kati Shanks, but we hope all of Paula’s friends, family, and unindicted co-conspirators will add their own stories about her. Just email jdhilton@gmail.com or kshanks@gmail.com and we will post your comments online (unless your prefer to keep them private).